this is your captain speaking.

This Halloween I followed my dream of being a 1960's Pan Am stewardess. Todd was nice enough to go along with me and be a pilot. We got most of our costumes from the D.I. and made the rest of them. My hat is an awful glue gunned thing of felt, but it looked pretty good from far away!

We played with our friends, Bree and Cory, that night. We started at sonic for some drinks and 50 cent corn dogs!

Then drove around neighborhoods and scoped out good houses for trick or treating. Bree and I may or may not have took our wedding rings off and trick or treated to a house. We lied and said we were seniors in high school...we were dying of laughter and could only do that to one house. Then we ended up at my aunt and uncles for some homemade donuts! Thanks Neffs!

Great Halloween. Thanks for flying Pan Am!

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Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

aww you were right by my house! You should have trick-or-treated at my parents...they even have full size candy bars, haha! You two look great