the dress.

I thought I would do a little before and after of my wedding dress for all ya'll. You all know the wedding dress fiasco I went through, so we won't go into that. But everything worked out and I ended up finding the second dress of my dreams and fell in love with it even more than the first.

Alta Moda Bridal and Mara from Events by LMG were so kind to me and helped me find my perfect dress in their store with only a couple weeks until the wedding.

I knew I wanted longer sleeves down to my elbows. And I wanted just a simple neckline because the dress was so beautiful in it of itself. We rushed alterations and I was more than happy with the outcome of the buildup.

I just love that I found a strapless dress that could look gorgeous with sleeves. Modest is quite hottest.

If you can't tell- I am 5 foot nothing. Instead of hemming the dress and cutting out that beautiful rosette at the bottom, we pulled up the mermaid part of the dress. I'm glad we did that because the rosettes were my favorite. 

All in all, I loved my dress. And I love this picture of my sister and me. 


Marisa said...

The dress is gorgeous of course but YOU make it a million times more beautiful! I also had elbow-length sleeves that had to be built up from a strapless dress (the alterations people thought I was crazy for choosing long-ish sleeves with my August wedding). But they were way more flattering and not so obviously "cap-sleeved-Mormon." So good choice on that. ;)

Rain In My Head said...

My littlest (Hazel, age 2) was looking over my shoulder at your blog with me and when I pulled up the one of you in your wedding dress Hazel gets all excited and starts yelling, "look mom, it za princess. it za princess!!" You most definitely look like a princess. Stunning!! Congrats. so so happy for you!