a cedar weekend.

Labor Day was spent doing anything but laboring.

We relaxed all weekend in Cedar City at Todd's parent's house. Oh how I love a good weekend with the Utterbacks. So much good food and so many good movies. This weekend- we watched a lot of football- and while the boys were doing that, I read a lot of Real Simple mags and did a lot of pinning.

On the way home, we stopped at Cove Fort for extra credit for one of my many history classes. It was really interesting and felt good to learn a little Utah history. Our missionary tour guide would NOT let us leave without filling out a referal card- to which Todd wrote down our best friends who are indeed Mormon. You can never have too many copies of church DVD's. That's what I say. They'll thank us later.

Even Gus Gus had a good time doing a little traveling.

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